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Monday, February 4, 2013

my pets!




I have few pet cats name kiki, spikey n coco.. I really really love them! Kiki really intimate with me but kiki doesn’t like when anyone to bearing kiki but spikey really really intimate with me..  spikey always like when someone bearing spikey until sometime spikey will sleep.. coco sometime I call Coco Chanel I just take coco for 2 month from my neighbor coco very very agile but my favorite one is spikey because spikey has thick fur like carpet sometime I bring spikey n sleep with spikey together..  actually I cant closed n kiss a pet have a fur because can make me flu.. my mum always said don’t bring cat and sleep together but I still do it.. STUBBORN right?! N now spikey become soooo FAT n heavy to bearing.. and my bro Danial whatsapp me n said that he really miss Spikey untill he take spikey picture for his wallpaper phone.. :D

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