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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Convocation Day ^.^

for second time i meet him

me with my family

Convocation day! It was first time I’m feel really happy! Because I get feel how another people convo! This time Kolej Komuniti combine with another  5 Kolej Komuniti  area Selangor including Kolej Komuniti Kuala Langat.. This time for second time I see Muhammad Hafizi.. HEHEHE! :D
This time I’m feel nervous when I want to get my scroll feel like have butterflies in my stomach.. But this time have something funny happen at my friend when he go down from stage her shoe already out from her foot after her name that was my name then when I go down I see her at beside certain n she follow me at behind this time I’m laugh non stop..  Actually her shoe bigger than her  foot that’s why  that shoe out from her foot… after finish this event we all from clas SFP snap many picture with BONDA this time its really happy feeling ever! When I want go back Fizi text me and want to see me n this time for first time I snap picture with him.. :D
 Seriously I’m really miss my environment and my friends at Kolej Komuniti Selayang. . 

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