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Friday, February 22, 2013


we with sir aiman

ieman , ummi and shera

For this semester in fashion department have event for all semester at my house. We just doing some barbeque n having fun with game.. when Qimie and Ieman give some advice n some speech we all feel sad because this sem will be last sem for Qimie n Ieman..  we all will miss Qimie n Ieman..  At this event sem by sem have work to do. Sem 2 must marinate chicken.. but only 1 person do this work that’s me! Have 6 chicken that I must marinate after that sem 5 just grilled the chicken, than sir aiman said that chicken so delicious and taste like ayam percik.. I just smile n say thank you! HEHEHE.. we all having fun with game after that all finish already.. ^.^

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