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Monday, March 4, 2013


MIGRAIN?! I really hate when this pain came to me! For one day I just lay on my bed and take 2 pill of ponstant  until tomorrow my head will back to normal.. But now I already stop my medicine because doctor said pill not good for me.. and now when this pain came I just take a shower with cold water and I will wash my hair for ½ hour because with this way I feel good little bit n after shower I must sleep well..  sometime I just feel that I want normal headache like another people that’s okay for me than migraine.. last week I just know that migraine can make stroke.. OMG!! Seriously I’m really scared.. I always get this pain when I more exposed to light n not enough rest.. I just hope after this I don’t feel heavy migraine again.. 


For fesni this week I really busy even I dont take a part in fesni because I n another 3 my friend keep help sir aiman.. I just think for fesni this year mybe Gator or Bumblebee can be a winner.. I really hope Bumble can win! Because I’m one group of Bumblebee.. and for next year maybe I will be in part of fesni.. MAYBE.. HAHA! 

Friday, March 1, 2013


I just hope I can do the best for my final this year.. a lot assignment have to do! All this can make me CRAZY! OMG! I’m just scared that I don’t have a time to finish my final project! Seriously I have more more more assignment to do.. never feel like this before! Sometime I feel want to stop all of this but try harder to push me up! just hoping I do the best for my final! AMIN! 

hobby n work

like you know i love searching internet but my favorite just used internet for online twitter n facebook but i more to twitter sometimes 1 day i'm not feel hungry when i just start hold my phone and online or chat with my friend n thats why mama always scold me.. HEHEHEE!  i also like karaoke with my friend my favorite place that i always go to fun when i'm feel to karaoke with my friend at RED BOX because if student can get low price and at night have a buffet n that time have a lot delicious of food and i will eat all of food this time i feel like WOWW! I also like reading comic and magazine because have a interesting picture n make me happy when i'm start reading this. I have many collection for comic and magazine like UTOPIA, GEMPAK, LAWAK KAMPUS, VOUGE, FEMALE n many more sometime i spend a lot money for comic or magazine only. If i have more money i also became crazy girl when i'm start to shopping. I really really love to buy a shoe i really dont care if  i must spend my money a lot at this two thing n for this mama always said that i always waste my money for shoes.. Before i came to KTT i work as tailor for 1 years at MEDAN MARA in KUALA LUMPUR near JALAN TUNGKU ABDUL RAHMAN when i'm start my new work i save my money for buy new phone so after i get two month salary i just buy new phone before i got my salary  i already target that i want SII so i GOT IT!  

Thursday, February 28, 2013


SINGAPORE! I already go to Singapore for this year with my family, aunty n my cousins.. Seriously I’m really happy that I can go to UNIVERSAL STUDIO!!  This time I really had fun!  Just one night we all sleep in bus but only me just cant sleep.. I just sing n playing music at my phone.. tomorrow morning we all go to china town n buy some souvenir  for my housemate.. I just hope after this I can go to UNIVERSAL STUDIO again because this time i’m not really happy because not all I can play just a few game that I can play because this time holiday so many people came.. 

Friday, February 22, 2013


we with sir aiman

ieman , ummi and shera

For this semester in fashion department have event for all semester at my house. We just doing some barbeque n having fun with game.. when Qimie and Ieman give some advice n some speech we all feel sad because this sem will be last sem for Qimie n Ieman..  we all will miss Qimie n Ieman..  At this event sem by sem have work to do. Sem 2 must marinate chicken.. but only 1 person do this work that’s me! Have 6 chicken that I must marinate after that sem 5 just grilled the chicken, than sir aiman said that chicken so delicious and taste like ayam percik.. I just smile n say thank you! HEHEHE.. we all having fun with game after that all finish already.. ^.^

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Convocation Day ^.^

for second time i meet him

me with my family

Convocation day! It was first time I’m feel really happy! Because I get feel how another people convo! This time Kolej Komuniti combine with another  5 Kolej Komuniti  area Selangor including Kolej Komuniti Kuala Langat.. This time for second time I see Muhammad Hafizi.. HEHEHE! :D
This time I’m feel nervous when I want to get my scroll feel like have butterflies in my stomach.. But this time have something funny happen at my friend when he go down from stage her shoe already out from her foot after her name that was my name then when I go down I see her at beside certain n she follow me at behind this time I’m laugh non stop..  Actually her shoe bigger than her  foot that’s why  that shoe out from her foot… after finish this event we all from clas SFP snap many picture with BONDA this time its really happy feeling ever! When I want go back Fizi text me and want to see me n this time for first time I snap picture with him.. :D
 Seriously I’m really miss my environment and my friends at Kolej Komuniti Selayang. . 

Saturday, February 16, 2013


my dad & my mum

I just want to story about my father Mohd Yusof Bin Ahmad, 50 years old he work as consultant but before this he work as general manager at Sapura for 15 years maybe, but he resign from general manager and now he work  at subsidiary company of Tabung HAji. For 22 years old i life with him i really appreciate because i have a loving and  patient father. He always give me a good advice especially for my study. Sometimes my behaviour become so naughty girl but my father always patient with me but sometime my father scold me to. I call my father BABA look likes i'm intimate with him right? no laaaa... i'm not friendly with my father because i'm still feel shy only my two brother closed with my father... HAHAHAA! i'm really closed with my mum... however it is i still love my father and i hope he will look my victorious one day.. AMIN!

A great many thanks for all you have done
Without you my life would not have begun
You have been there when I most needed you
You have helped to guide me my whole life through
We have shared both the good times and the bad
But most of all, thank you for being my dad
I love you

my mother..

my mum

today I want to tell you about my Mother called Bibi Saerah Binti Mohd Annuar Khan she is mixed girl Pakistan and Chinese. She is 49 years old but when i hangout with her many people said that my mum is my sister because she looks young and she thin than me. HEHEHE! She was a good mother to their children. As I thought about who had had the greatest impact on my life, I began to think of everyone who had been involved in my academic. I realized that I was looking in the wrong part of my life.

 These people have passed through my life, yet the person who had the most impact was one who affected me everyday. My mother, by far, has had the greatest impact on my life. Her heart and determination are something that I can only hope to have myself one day. I have watched her struggle with running a household while trying to balance returning to college full-time and working a part-time job. I did not realize as a young child what courage it took to take on this workload. Now, as I enter the college scene directly from high school, I cannot imagine how hard it must have been to juggle the everyday work of being a full-time mother as well as the workload of college

I have seen my mother give up as she struggled to further her education and raise a family. She has always supported me in all my choices.  I look to her in hopes that someday I will be as happy, as strong, and as well-spoken as her. She has taught me the most important thing in life - never give up on your dreams. I thank her dearly for helping me become who I am today. I would have never made it as far as I have without her help.

 I have learned so much from her, and I hope to be a bit like her, if not more. I want my future family to grow up much like I have, because it has been an amazing experience, and I have learned so much.

Friday, February 15, 2013

make some cake!

Kek Batik

Sometime I really really like make a cake. Many cake I have been do in my life and sometime my mum ask me why I’m not take a new course in Bakery and I just said I don’t want to change my course because I already usual with fashion course baking some cake I just want so for my leisure time. In many cake I’ve been do n my favorite cake is cheese cake with butter biscuit, pavlova, red velvet cake & kek batik..
1 butter
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of milo
1 cup of coco
1 cup of condensed milk
6 eggs
1 packet biscuit marie (break into 6 parts)

Firstly must melt the butter and put condensed milk n stir until well than put sugar, milo and coco keep stir until well.. than put eggs one by one n stir until well.. than turn off the flame and stir until warm. Lastly, put a biscuit marie n stir until well.. after finish put the mix of cake in brass and chill in refrigerator..  THANK YOU!