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Friday, February 15, 2013

make some cake!

Kek Batik

Sometime I really really like make a cake. Many cake I have been do in my life and sometime my mum ask me why I’m not take a new course in Bakery and I just said I don’t want to change my course because I already usual with fashion course baking some cake I just want so for my leisure time. In many cake I’ve been do n my favorite cake is cheese cake with butter biscuit, pavlova, red velvet cake & kek batik..
1 butter
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of milo
1 cup of coco
1 cup of condensed milk
6 eggs
1 packet biscuit marie (break into 6 parts)

Firstly must melt the butter and put condensed milk n stir until well than put sugar, milo and coco keep stir until well.. than put eggs one by one n stir until well.. than turn off the flame and stir until warm. Lastly, put a biscuit marie n stir until well.. after finish put the mix of cake in brass and chill in refrigerator..  THANK YOU!

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