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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

my bro danial

me n Danial

my bro danial dinie he 19 years old and he study at  Egypt mybe for 6 years in Medic.. i really really really closed with him.. i always hangout with him if i want go to anywhere i must bring him to even he feel lazy but i will forced him until he want to company me.. i always shared my problem and anything to him.. every time i hangout with him many people think that danial is my BOYFRIEND.. WHAT?! maybe because we dont have same skin n same face..because danial have a little dark skin but i have a white skin n two of us look not like a sibling when i said that me n him are sibling n they reaction like WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS! i just can laugh that time... HAHAHA! i really fun with danial because he always do something that can make me laugh non stop! but when i know he will continue his study at Egypt i really feel up sad.. i just think after this dont have anyone can bring me to go to anywhere... in 1 week he fly to Egypt every night i wil cry cy cry cry and cry non stop.. i just miss him.. miss to bite him, miss to pull his hair, miss hangout with him, miss everything that i always do with him! really miss him right now! i just hope this year he will came to malaysia back because he said mybe he will back to malaysia for 2 month.. i really hope that.. :'(

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