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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Way to settle the problem

sometimes i always have a problem.. dont care if small problems or big problem... i search about how to settle my problem so got this tip.. i just shared! :D

Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is to stop participating in the problem. Sometimes the smartest choice is giving up.
I don’t think that giving up should be your primary method for dealing with problems. But there are certainly a lot of cases where it just seems to be the most intelligent answer.
The more I stop trying to force things to happen, the more they just seem to sort themselves out. The more I let things happen, the less time I spend trying to make them happen.
Giving up is really about honoring your feelings. It’s about giving up trying to force yourself into a mold of societal shoulds and embracing your true self.

So here’s an invitation to…
  • Give up trying to be cool.
  • Give up your golden handcuffs.
  • Give up wanting to be a famous musician, artist, architect, thinker, writer, whatever-it-is. Maybe it’s smarter to make your purpose to have an impact, instead.
  • Give up wanting to be different for the sake of being unique.
  • Give up trying to be perfect.
  • Give up keeping relationships with people you don’t really like.
  • Give up trying to be the center of attention.
  • Give up caring about owning a lot of cool things, which keep you distracted from acknowledging that you don’t like what you’re doing with your life.
  • Give up trying to have a perfectly organized workspace and a zero inbox.
With that said, there are a lot of ways we think we’re doing good, but we’re really not.
Counter-intuitive to what you think, it might make more sense to…
  • Give up trying to be super happy all the time. Instead, settle for being peaceful.
  • Give up needing a reason to share your love. .
  • Give up trying to be everything to everyone.
  • Give up trying to fit the mold of your race, astrological sign, job title, religious group, political party or other erroneous associations.
  • Give up caring about being the smartest, best and fastest. At least don’t let your ego get caught up in it.
  • Give up sacrificing your life for an expensive degree that makes you feel important.
Trying to make things happen all the time creates a lot of unnecessary anxiety. It’s stressful trying to deny what is.

When I give up, I accept life as it is. No strings attached. No wishing things were different. If an action needs to be taken, I take it. But I’ve given up letting my happiness be dependent on a thing.

Most of these problems only exist within our minds. They’re not real physical problems; they’re simply psychic, imagined obstacles.
It’s interesting how we seem to have so many problems, so many dilemmas. But most of the time the answer to solving them is doing nothing. Giving up.


in the morning in HPD class have someone present about advantages of using facebook.. so this point belong to anyone else.. i just make this point with tips that i found when i research about that..

Facebook is the most popular social networking of all time. The popularity of Facebook is increasing so much that soon it will reach 1 billion members. Many people out there who passes most of their time on Facebook. There are manyadvantages and also some disadvantages of Using Facebook. So, i have decided to discuss about this advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook.

Advantages of Using Facebook
# Facebook is free and it's one of the best medium for communication.

# With Facebook you can connect to any type of people from anywhere in the world because almost every people around the world use Facebook .

# Facebook is best for finding Old friends. When a friend goes away to any other place we often don't get the chance to communicate with him or her. But now Facebook gives us the opportunity to communicate with any of our Old friend. 

# We can share our feelings an what's happening around in our daily life through Facebook. We can also get feedback from our friends. It is the best medium to share your feelings and thoughts with others.
# Facebook has good privacy setting which gives you the option to customize according to your wish. 

# Students can use Facebook for group study by creating a group only for studying. There you can share any information about your projects , home work , assignments , exams , due date etc.
# Facebook is also popular for making love relation and dating. 

# Facebook online games are really popular and addicting. There are millions of people who uses Facebook only for playing games with their friends.

Are you Feeling bored after reading this huge list of advantages ? Then listen to this beautiful song 

Disadvantages of Facebook
Now it's time to talk about some disadvantages of Facebook. There are some Disadvantages of Facebook beside these many advantages. Some of these disadvantages are :

#. Facebook is Addicting! Facebook is too much addicting! Facebook is too too addicting! Yes it is indeed addicting which often kills your valuable time. Using Facebook for your need is not bad but when you waste most of your valuable time than it becomes bad. The biggest disadvantages of Facebook is it's addiction which causes many problems.

# Facebook often brings bad effects on students results. Students who are Facebook addicted does a bad result on his or her exams.

# Beside students, people who works in offices wastes their time in browsing Facebook. That's why many offices has decided to block Facebook completely. 

# Facebook chat doesn't work properly. User often face trouble while chatting in Facebook.
# From different news es it is found that sometimes Facebook can be life threatening. Many unknown people can track your activities and where you are going. As a result you can face trouble. So be careful in choosing friends and keeping your activities private.

# News also found that one mother killed here child because it was crying in hunger while she was browsing Facebook. or A husband killed her wife because she changed her relationship status.
So from the above statement it is clear that Facebook can be dangerous as well

I hope this hub will be useful for someone who likes or hate Facebook ;) Please do comment and share your experience with Facebook. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


here have some tips for teenager at outside! :D

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

There are lot of advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones, some hows the user's of the mobile phones knows the cause but they are not sure about it, below i have given a brief explanation about the advantages and disadvantages of using the mobile phones.


-the mobile phone keeps us in constant contact with people we consider important
-the mobile phone can help us seek help immediately during emergency cases
-the mobile phone is a sense of being financially uplifted
-through mobile phone we can baseless our boredom, example listen to our favorite music and as
it can take photos
-mobile phone also gives us easier access on the internet
-we can carry our mobile phone anywhere,
-the mobile has lots of useful function like calender, making notes, alarm clock, timer, calculator
and more.


-our mobile phones makes our lifes more convenient, but as the saying goes every technology has
it's equal negative side and mobile phones are not so especial to be exempted.
-people spend less time boding with there family and friends
-people just contact through mobile phone and became too lazy to meet outside
-disturb us on our studies and works
-people spend lots and lots of money buying the latest model to get updated
-affects our body because of radiation it produce
-easily broken
-mobile phone makes it easier to invade privacy


here i got some tip how to get sleep well! 

  • Sleep only when sleepy
This reduces the time you are awake in bed.
  • If you can't fall asleep within 20 minutes, get up and do something boring until you feel sleepy
Sit quietly in the dark or read the warranty on your refrigerator. Don't expose yourself to bright light while you are up. The light gives cues to your brain that it is time to wake up.
  • Don't take naps
This will ensure you are tired at bedtime. If you just can't make it through the day without a nap, sleep less than one hour, before 3 pm.
  • Get up and go to bed the same time every day
Even on weekends! When your sleep cycle has a regular rhythm, you will feel better.
  • Refrain from exercise at least 4 hours before bedtime
Regular exercise is recommended to help you sleep well, but the timing of the workout is important. Exercising in the morning or early afternoon will not interfere with sleep.
  • Develop sleep rituals
It is important to give your body cues that it is time to slow down and sleep. Listen to relaxing music, read something soothing for 15 minutes, have a cup of caffeine free tea, do relaxation exercises.
  • Only use your bed for sleeping
Refrain from using your bed to watch TV, pay bills, do work or reading. So when you go to bed your body knows it is time to sleep. Sex is the only exception.
  • Stay away from caffeine, nicotine and alcohol at least 4-6 hours before bed
Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants that interfere with your ability to fall asleep. Coffee, tea, cola, cocoa, chocolate and some prescription and non-prescription drugs contain caffeine. Cigarettes and some drugs contain nicotine. Alcohol may seem to help you sleep in the beginning as it slows brain activity, but you will end end up having fragmented sleep.
  • Have a light snack before bed
If your stomach is too empty, that can interfere with sleep. However, if you eat a heavy meal before bedtime, that can interfere as well. Dairy products and turkey contain tryptophan, which acts as a natural sleep inducer. Tryptophan is probably why a warm glass of milk is sometimes recommended.
  • Take a hot bath 90 minutes before bedtime
A hot bath will raise your body temperature, but it is the drop in body temperature that may leave you feeling sleepy. Read about the study done on body temperature below.
 Trouble sleeping ?A press release from the journal Sleep about the significance in body temperature before sleep
  • Make sure your bed and bedroom are quiet and comfortable
A hot room can be uncomfortable. A cooler room along with enough blankets to stay warm is recommended. If light in the early morning bothers you, get a blackout shade or wear a slumber mask. If noise bothers you, wear earplugs or get a “white noise machine.
  • Use sunlight to set your biological clock

Saturday, January 5, 2013


me with syaza & amani

me with puteri

In sem 2 I and another my friend stay outside not stay in hostel.. because easy for we all when want do some assignment together.. n my housemate from fashion is Amani, Syaza, Farhani from  OM syira & ayu from Graphic puteri , husna, form masscom nazura from MIAT kak ain & kak zila.. but now nazura already out from KTT n she not stay with me anymore n I really miss her..  after this Una will stop she study at KTT also.. people grew a little closer in this house..  in this house I closed with puteri, amani, syaza n farhani.. sometime I feel tired because everyday I have to walk when go to KTT but sometine I call Pakcik Hisyam for pickup we go to class but we must waiting for ½ hour and that’s why sometime we late go to class.. HAHAHA!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Muhammad Hafizi Bin Hussin

Hey LOVE! That boy name Muhammad Hafizi he 22 years old same with me guys! I know him before I came in KTT.. before this he study at Kolej Komuniti Kuala Langat but me study at Kolej Komuniti Selayang.. Once time I been Kolej Komunit Kuala Langat before but I never see him.. at 28/09/2011 he sent IM at facebook and he said he have seen me then I just said mybe he seen my “TWIN” byt I don’t have twin okay I just have someone face like me mybe he seen my twins because my twins have been at Kolej Komuniti Kuala Langat because playing netball.. and that time we always chat at facebook until we meet one day at Jusca Bukit Raja that first time I meet him n he look sooooo CUTE! HEHEHE! I give box of chocolate at him.. It was the first time I bought something that so expensive for someone.. HAHAHA!  I just friend with him for 1 ½ years.. when I get two offer to continue first at Politeknik Sultan Ibrahim, Johor Bahru second at Kolej Teknologi Timur then he said better I pick KTT because under UITM my mum and my dad also said like that. Actually this time he also get KTT but he doesn’t want me to know about that.. I came to KTT after 1 month I think in KTT at evening 2 p.m he text me n want me to company him lunch at area Sepang but that time I have a class.. at 1 a.m I got a text from him n he said want lunch with me by tomorrow and I feel so weird that time because he said he must to do some worh at area Sepang so I just said okay.. by tomorrow at Cafe Ayahanda I’m waiting for him and he came with TAG ktt and I really shock..  and I feel OMG!! He same collage with me?!! HAHAHA! But until now at collage we hardly meet..  for 1 years I keep my feelimh at him and I think he know about that but he just ignore.. At sem 2, 14/12/2012 we hang out at putarjaya n he send me back at in front my house he said he want have serious relationship with me.. OH NOOO!  I really don’t believe that because before that he have said that he really don’t like serious relationship but that night he want serious relationship with me?!  I’m really feel happy that time.. and my happy tears down and I just said YES! And until now I’m happy with him.. sometime he will be soooo sweet like candy sometime he will taking care so much at me.. my mum n my dad also have been him n my family okay with him.. I just hope we have a happy relationship after this until forever.. I will love him until world stop spinning around.. EWAHHH!  :*

just me

tyqa farhah

Firstly, I want to share my biography.. Hai my name is Nuratiqah Farhah Binti Mohd Yusof, i'm 22 years old not to old not to young.. but at outside i look more young than my age..HAHAHA! i'm a mixed girl Pakistan + Chinese + Malay..  My nickname is Tyqa or Farhah or Tyqa Farhah but in KTT many people call me "ORANG TUA" thats so RUDE right? arghhh! . I live at Puncak Alam in Fasa 1. I was born at Hospital University Malaya. My hobby are searching internet for doing assignment are sometime but used internet for  online twitter and Facebook always! HAHAHA! i love doing some origamy and reading comic and more important i love sing a song even my voice not like Dato Siti Nurhaliza but i love sing and sometimes i always sing a song until someone scold me and want me to shut up but i dont mind i always keep sing and sing and sing until feel tired! I always spend my time go to hangout with my friend and shopping but im not one of Shopaholic person okay.. I also like watch a 3D movie and drawing but when i start draw something my drawing always look sooooo UGLY! HUH! I have five siblings firt of all i have brother Mohd Eskandar Mirza, 25 years old n he work as ARMY. Second is little shorty chubby girl it's ME ME ME! HAHAHAA! Third is my brother Muhd Danial Dinie, 19 years old and he study at Egypt. Forth is my sister Nur Balqis Faiqah 14 years old and she study at Sek. Men. Agama Nurul Iman. Last is my younger brother Muhd Irfan Faiz 9 years old and he really naughty boy i always scold him because of his behaviour. My favourites food is McD i always and really love eat McD sometimes in 1 week i eat McD for 4 times mama always said like this to me ' tyqa can you stop take McD because your body became FAT ' but i always dont care what people said to me.. STUBBORN right?! WHATEVER~  also my favorites drinks is anything that i can drink. I also like my mum cooking very much. My high school is Sek. Men. Keb Puncak Alam in form 1 until form 3 in form 4 and  form 5 i'm in school Sek Men Teknik ERT Setapak in this school i study in fashion so until now i still study in course fashion for 6 years to continues my study now i'm study at Kolej Teknologi Timur in Diploma Fashion Design but before this i already get my certificate in Kolej Komuniti Selayang for 2 years in this college i really really enjoy my study . At the same time I hope can be a good person to improve my family with a true way to show for my parents. This is a simple biography about me. thank you. XOXO.. MUAHHH! :*