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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Muhammad Hafizi Bin Hussin

Hey LOVE! That boy name Muhammad Hafizi he 22 years old same with me guys! I know him before I came in KTT.. before this he study at Kolej Komuniti Kuala Langat but me study at Kolej Komuniti Selayang.. Once time I been Kolej Komunit Kuala Langat before but I never see him.. at 28/09/2011 he sent IM at facebook and he said he have seen me then I just said mybe he seen my “TWIN” byt I don’t have twin okay I just have someone face like me mybe he seen my twins because my twins have been at Kolej Komuniti Kuala Langat because playing netball.. and that time we always chat at facebook until we meet one day at Jusca Bukit Raja that first time I meet him n he look sooooo CUTE! HEHEHE! I give box of chocolate at him.. It was the first time I bought something that so expensive for someone.. HAHAHA!  I just friend with him for 1 ½ years.. when I get two offer to continue first at Politeknik Sultan Ibrahim, Johor Bahru second at Kolej Teknologi Timur then he said better I pick KTT because under UITM my mum and my dad also said like that. Actually this time he also get KTT but he doesn’t want me to know about that.. I came to KTT after 1 month I think in KTT at evening 2 p.m he text me n want me to company him lunch at area Sepang but that time I have a class.. at 1 a.m I got a text from him n he said want lunch with me by tomorrow and I feel so weird that time because he said he must to do some worh at area Sepang so I just said okay.. by tomorrow at Cafe Ayahanda I’m waiting for him and he came with TAG ktt and I really shock..  and I feel OMG!! He same collage with me?!! HAHAHA! But until now at collage we hardly meet..  for 1 years I keep my feelimh at him and I think he know about that but he just ignore.. At sem 2, 14/12/2012 we hang out at putarjaya n he send me back at in front my house he said he want have serious relationship with me.. OH NOOO!  I really don’t believe that because before that he have said that he really don’t like serious relationship but that night he want serious relationship with me?!  I’m really feel happy that time.. and my happy tears down and I just said YES! And until now I’m happy with him.. sometime he will be soooo sweet like candy sometime he will taking care so much at me.. my mum n my dad also have been him n my family okay with him.. I just hope we have a happy relationship after this until forever.. I will love him until world stop spinning around.. EWAHHH!  :*

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