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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

just me

tyqa farhah

Firstly, I want to share my biography.. Hai my name is Nuratiqah Farhah Binti Mohd Yusof, i'm 22 years old not to old not to young.. but at outside i look more young than my age..HAHAHA! i'm a mixed girl Pakistan + Chinese + Malay..  My nickname is Tyqa or Farhah or Tyqa Farhah but in KTT many people call me "ORANG TUA" thats so RUDE right? arghhh! . I live at Puncak Alam in Fasa 1. I was born at Hospital University Malaya. My hobby are searching internet for doing assignment are sometime but used internet for  online twitter and Facebook always! HAHAHA! i love doing some origamy and reading comic and more important i love sing a song even my voice not like Dato Siti Nurhaliza but i love sing and sometimes i always sing a song until someone scold me and want me to shut up but i dont mind i always keep sing and sing and sing until feel tired! I always spend my time go to hangout with my friend and shopping but im not one of Shopaholic person okay.. I also like watch a 3D movie and drawing but when i start draw something my drawing always look sooooo UGLY! HUH! I have five siblings firt of all i have brother Mohd Eskandar Mirza, 25 years old n he work as ARMY. Second is little shorty chubby girl it's ME ME ME! HAHAHAA! Third is my brother Muhd Danial Dinie, 19 years old and he study at Egypt. Forth is my sister Nur Balqis Faiqah 14 years old and she study at Sek. Men. Agama Nurul Iman. Last is my younger brother Muhd Irfan Faiz 9 years old and he really naughty boy i always scold him because of his behaviour. My favourites food is McD i always and really love eat McD sometimes in 1 week i eat McD for 4 times mama always said like this to me ' tyqa can you stop take McD because your body became FAT ' but i always dont care what people said to me.. STUBBORN right?! WHATEVER~  also my favorites drinks is anything that i can drink. I also like my mum cooking very much. My high school is Sek. Men. Keb Puncak Alam in form 1 until form 3 in form 4 and  form 5 i'm in school Sek Men Teknik ERT Setapak in this school i study in fashion so until now i still study in course fashion for 6 years to continues my study now i'm study at Kolej Teknologi Timur in Diploma Fashion Design but before this i already get my certificate in Kolej Komuniti Selayang for 2 years in this college i really really enjoy my study . At the same time I hope can be a good person to improve my family with a true way to show for my parents. This is a simple biography about me. thank you. XOXO.. MUAHHH! :*

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