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Saturday, January 5, 2013


me with syaza & amani

me with puteri

In sem 2 I and another my friend stay outside not stay in hostel.. because easy for we all when want do some assignment together.. n my housemate from fashion is Amani, Syaza, Farhani from  OM syira & ayu from Graphic puteri , husna, form masscom nazura from MIAT kak ain & kak zila.. but now nazura already out from KTT n she not stay with me anymore n I really miss her..  after this Una will stop she study at KTT also.. people grew a little closer in this house..  in this house I closed with puteri, amani, syaza n farhani.. sometime I feel tired because everyday I have to walk when go to KTT but sometine I call Pakcik Hisyam for pickup we go to class but we must waiting for ½ hour and that’s why sometime we late go to class.. HAHAHA!

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