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Monday, March 4, 2013


MIGRAIN?! I really hate when this pain came to me! For one day I just lay on my bed and take 2 pill of ponstant  until tomorrow my head will back to normal.. But now I already stop my medicine because doctor said pill not good for me.. and now when this pain came I just take a shower with cold water and I will wash my hair for ½ hour because with this way I feel good little bit n after shower I must sleep well..  sometime I just feel that I want normal headache like another people that’s okay for me than migraine.. last week I just know that migraine can make stroke.. OMG!! Seriously I’m really scared.. I always get this pain when I more exposed to light n not enough rest.. I just hope after this I don’t feel heavy migraine again.. 


For fesni this week I really busy even I dont take a part in fesni because I n another 3 my friend keep help sir aiman.. I just think for fesni this year mybe Gator or Bumblebee can be a winner.. I really hope Bumble can win! Because I’m one group of Bumblebee.. and for next year maybe I will be in part of fesni.. MAYBE.. HAHA! 

Friday, March 1, 2013


I just hope I can do the best for my final this year.. a lot assignment have to do! All this can make me CRAZY! OMG! I’m just scared that I don’t have a time to finish my final project! Seriously I have more more more assignment to do.. never feel like this before! Sometime I feel want to stop all of this but try harder to push me up! just hoping I do the best for my final! AMIN! 

hobby n work

like you know i love searching internet but my favorite just used internet for online twitter n facebook but i more to twitter sometimes 1 day i'm not feel hungry when i just start hold my phone and online or chat with my friend n thats why mama always scold me.. HEHEHEE!  i also like karaoke with my friend my favorite place that i always go to fun when i'm feel to karaoke with my friend at RED BOX because if student can get low price and at night have a buffet n that time have a lot delicious of food and i will eat all of food this time i feel like WOWW! I also like reading comic and magazine because have a interesting picture n make me happy when i'm start reading this. I have many collection for comic and magazine like UTOPIA, GEMPAK, LAWAK KAMPUS, VOUGE, FEMALE n many more sometime i spend a lot money for comic or magazine only. If i have more money i also became crazy girl when i'm start to shopping. I really really love to buy a shoe i really dont care if  i must spend my money a lot at this two thing n for this mama always said that i always waste my money for shoes.. Before i came to KTT i work as tailor for 1 years at MEDAN MARA in KUALA LUMPUR near JALAN TUNGKU ABDUL RAHMAN when i'm start my new work i save my money for buy new phone so after i get two month salary i just buy new phone before i got my salary  i already target that i want SII so i GOT IT!